MEMOIR LOGO CONCEPT: The aleph and a Sufi mystic inspired my creation and design of the syzygy logo, which I initially based on the symbolism of the yin and yang.

But the concept expanded when I first saw the aleph in Judith Cornell’s    
Mandala Healing Kit, My inexplicable attraction to it led me to incorporate it into my logo before I knew what it meant. 

I later read that the “Aleph (the first letter of the sacred Hebrew alphabet) embodies the primordial, divine potential of the universe. ... Aleph contains all the universe’s potential and all of its emptiness   simultaneously. Aleph represents a dynamic process of movement from unity to diversity and back to unity,” Jennifer Judelsohn, Songs of Creation.

And the  mystic poet Rumi inspired me to use the fire and water concept after I read The  Question.  Here is an excerpt:  

“The presence is there in front of me. A fire on the left, a lovely stream on the right.

One group walks toward the fire, into the fire. Another toward the sweet flowing water.

No one knows which are blessed and which are not.

Whoever walks into the fire appears suddenly in the stream. 

A head goes under water, and that head pokes out of the fire.”

LOGO ART: Cropped fire and water images from Free Images

LOTUS LOGO: In spiritual and religious literature, “the lotus is a symbol for the macrocosm and the microcosm, the universe and man. The lotus represents the divinity of the cosmos as well as the divinity of man. 

The lotus is the center of the infinite, omnipresent consciousness which connects with the consciousness of the universe. Through the intuition, one of man’s divine gifts, the spiritual student can see the infinite, omnipresent consciousness as the lotus flower within himself.” 

LOTUS ART: Courtesy 
Homestead, my website service provider. (Temporary art while I design of my own lotus logo.)

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Oracle Cards Based on the Mystical Law of Attraction 
Oracle cards help me to communicate with my Spirit Guides. My process is simple. When I have a question, the first thing I do is write it down (along with the date, as a card may be drawn repeatedly, and it helps when looking back if entries are dated). Writing the question down helps me to focus and to clarify my thoughts—and to avoid later recalling my question in a vague way that may cloud my interpretation and understanding of the answer. 

Generally, I then warm the deck with my energy by briskly rubbing the cards in the palms of my hands. I fan out the cards and then hold them over my third eye and then my heart, images facing in, and I ask for guidance. When I feel it’s time, when I feel in communion with Spirit’s energy, I begin to shuffle, asking the question I wrote down. I shuffle until I feel compelled to draw a card. Sometimes I feel energy when I touch a certain card, almost like a vibration. Other times a card just jumps out at me or flies out of the deck. Once the card has made itself known to me, I contemplate its image, gleaning any message that I can. Then, just as I wrote down the question, I write down the answer, along with any interpretation or comments that occur to me.  

My deck offers mostly positive answers, which I need at this point in my journey; nonetheless, the answers are usually unmistakably on point, and helpful, as you will see in the entries below. In her instructions in the use of the Mermaids and Dolphin oracle cards, Doreen Virtue, who has a very special interest in angels, said oracle cards are a “no-brainer way to contact Heaven. You can’t make a mistake, because the mystical Law of Attraction always draws the cards that mirror your thoughts and feelings,” much like the I Ching, or Book of Changes, as I have been learning.  

As I gain knowledge and grow stronger, perhaps I will attempt to become acquainted with more complicated oracle cards, or even tarot cards, and ask my Spirit Guides more difficult questions. When I am brave enough, perhaps I will even follow a suggestion made by Carolyn Myss in Spiritual Power/Spiritual Practice: “Don’t ask the question you want to know the answer to, ask the question you don’t want to know the answer to.” Yikes! Maybe, down the road…
Oracle cards provide guidance, assurance 
I have several decks of oracle cards but I resonate to Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, a 44-card deck that is beautifully illustrated by Delight Prescott.  
“As soon as we notice that certain types of event[s] “like” to cluster together at certain times, we begin to understand the attitude of the Chinese, whose theories of medicine, philosophy, and even building are based on a “science” of meaningful coincidences.... One can see much the same underlying theme in astrology, and in the way various civilizations have depended on consulting oracles and paying attention to omens. All of these are attempts to provide an explanation of coincidence that is different from one that depends on straight forward cause and effect.”

Oracle Card (November 27, 2012)
QUESTION: Dear Spirit Guides: Thank you so much for caring about me and guiding me. I would very much like to open more widely our communication and, more importantly, I’d like to learn more about who you are and if there’s anything I can do to help you. 

ANSWER: Father Healing: “Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven.” 

INTERPRETATION: Mom is one of my Spirit Guides! Only my mother would know or care about reconciling the differences between Dad and I. It seemed at times one of her primary goals in life was to mediate a peace treaty between us. By drawing the Father Healing card, my mother not only told me who she is but what she wants: Make amends with my father. 

AFFIRMATION: “I now focus on the love that is the Spiritual Truth of my father, and I hereby balance any karma between us. I now let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship with my father.”

Oracle Card (January 1, 2013)
QUESTION: Dear Spirit Guides, and Mom! I love and honor and thank you for taking time to talk with me. Would you please give me guidance on how I can let go of caring what other people think of me? 

ANSWER: Pay Attention: “Notice repetitious signs and your inner guidance, as this can yield valuable information.” The card concluded, “These signs also give you feedback about your current belief system, since your thoughts attract mirroring experiences. Use these signs to heal beliefs that dishonor you.” (Wow! It is my own beliefs of myself that I see others mirroring back to me! Interesting.)

Oracle Card (January 8, 2013)
QUESTION: I feel, Teddy, that you are near, one of my Spirit Guides? And then I bursted out crying, thinking back on some of the good times we had but also feeling guilty, even though he died back in 1986, when I was 30 years old.

ANSWER: Play Time: “The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.” 

INTERPRETATION: Of course, Teddy would say play! That was the motto he lived by! [In addition to his full-time day job, Teddy worked loading cargo at night, worked the bingo hall on his nights off, worked the raffles at the club events, and worked delivering ice at the state fair. Whether he was at work or not, he was always at play, always loving every minute.]  

By drawing this card, Teddy is telling me point-blank that he is one of my Spirit Guides. This card also tells me I have been striving too hard and have lost focus. It says that play opens your heart chakra and allows your spirit to tap into your creative wisdom. It “allows you to regain perspective on what is and what is not important.”

Oracle Card (January 8, 2013, also)
QUESTION: I began to think about asking for guidance concerning the nutrition journal I had been keeping, perhaps a future blog or a book? But before I could formulate a question or finish shuffling, a card stubbornly would not go back into the deck. 

ANSWER: Father Healing. Again! 

INTERPRETATION/ACTION: Mom, God? Someone wants me to focus instead on my relationship between me and my Dad, rather than a work on nutrition, ironically a bone of contention between us last August.  

Instead of working on my food journal, I took the night off to play, to relax and chat on the phone with my father. I called him and told him about how I had discovered who two of my Spirit Guides were and that Mom is one of them, and how—even from the beyond—she is trying to help mediate peace between us. 

Then, as if to put an exclamation on her point, Mom somehow mustered enough energy to spill my drink and Dad’s drink within a few minutes of each other, even considering we were 1500 miles apart. 

Spilling drinks had come to symbolize a major turning point in the relationship between my father and I, from a child always spilling her Kool-Aid to the shaking hand of an aging man who could not keep a grip on his orange juice. 

But only my mother would appreciate the irony of us both spilling our drinks that night, on the phone, and only she knew that by doing so she was confirming to both of us, with no doubts in our minds, that she is still watching over us. I told Dad that I thought we had already resolved all of our issues, and he said he thought so, too. 

But apparently we still had unfinished business. While I was trying to prevent my drink from spilling, I had dropped the phone, and thus, our connection. 

When I called Dad back, we laughed about the synchronicity of our drinks spilling and how it confirmed for us that Mom was still guiding us from beyond. Dad said, “I knew God was keeping me alive for some reason.”

Oracle Card (January 10, 2013)
QUESTION: Dear Spirit Guides and Mom, with love, would you please guide me on how I can let go of all the hurt and pain I feel from being betrayed by my supposed best friends? I have tried everything, but it still hurts! 

ANSWER: Tranquility: “Make time to relax, be still, and enjoy your solitude, indulging in much-needed self-care.” It concluded, “Enjoy this relaxation time and have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

Oracle Card (January 15, 2013)
QUESTION: Dear Spirit Guides: I’m freaking out, anxiety, now that I am out of work and will probably be evicted. Should I be packing, but no car, where to go? God please help me. I am totally overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do first. 
NOTE: The journal entries above include all oracle cards I read for the month of January 2013 (and one for late November 2012) with some minor editing.  
I drew the Father Healing card twice in a rather short timeframe, which adds power and urgency to its message. 
ANSWER: Tranquility: Again! 
“Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”  

ANSWER/ACTION: After drawing this card twice in the same week, I began [at least four times a week for at least a half hour at a time] to follow its guidance, which said to immerse myself in a warm bath of sea salt (epsom salts, in my case) to draw out physical and emotional toxins and to meditate on the flame of a white candle to manifest my desires rather than my fears. 

Oracle Card (January 18, 2013)
QUESTION: Dear Spirit Guides, Mom and Teddy: As the years went by I had a tendency to look at my current situation, but now as I look back I see a pattern, that I have transplanted myself, on average, about every three to five years in both my employment and personal life. Other people stay the same course for 20 years—or for life. What is the deal with me? 

ANSWER: Self-Employment. “You’re a born entrepreneur, and your business is surrounded by magical opportunities.... This card shows that you have the magical ingredients for a successful business. Heaven wants you to know that you are fully supported spiritually.

“If you’re in the process of opening a new business, now is the time to do spiritual work (praying, meditating, visualizing, and affirming); to conduct research about your business; and to work on yourself (by eating healthy, getting sufficient sleep, and exercising regularly). These multiple layers of action will propel you to miraculous business opportunities.”

INTERPRETATION: To me this card points to the self-publication of my memoir as a new business venture. I also marvel at the idea of Self-Employment, considering my memoir is an autobiography of my Self, and the website promotes the discovery of my authentic Self? LOL. 

At about the same time of drawing the Self-Employment card, I read the introduction to When Memory Speaks, by Jill Ker Conway, about the popularity of autobiography,  which led me to thinking about the popularity of reality TV. And from there a whole new strategy dawned on me: Post the book like a reality TV show, in installments, instead of waiting until the entire book is completely edited. 

With this new strategy in mind, I moved up the publication date from June to February 1, 2013. 

[A wonderful side effect of following the instructions on the oracle cards for Tranquility and  Self-Employment has been the diminishing of that awful anxiety feeling in my mind and belly, even though the judge signed off on the eviction papers, and I am out of work.]

January 27, 2013: My father died.

January 28, 2013: I launched my website to promote my memoir. ♂ ♀ 
On New Years Day, I drew Pay Attention, which not only answered my question directly about what others think of me, it stressed the importance of paying attention to repetitious signs. 
I asked the love of my life, who died in 1986, if he was one of my Spirit Guides. No playing around, he said yes! He also pointed out to me that I need to keep in perspective what is really important. 
I asked my Spirit Guides about my past employment and drew the Self-Employment card, which encouraged me to not only move up my publishing date but opened my mind to a whole new publishing strategy by creating a website about Self to Self-publish a biography of my Self.
Marie-Louise von Franz in Jung’s Man and His Symbols (p. 211)​

I drew the Tranquility card twice in five days, which indicated to me how important it was that I follow its instructions. 

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