MEMOIR LOGO CONCEPT: The aleph and a Sufi mystic inspired my creation and design of the syzygy logo, which I initially based on the symbolism of the yin and yang.

But the concept expanded when I first saw the aleph in Judith Cornell’s    
Mandala Healing Kit, My inexplicable attraction to it led me to incorporate it into my logo before I knew what it meant. 

I later read that the “Aleph (the first letter of the sacred Hebrew alphabet) embodies the primordial, divine potential of the universe. ... Aleph contains all the universe’s potential and all of its emptiness   simultaneously. Aleph represents a dynamic process of movement from unity to diversity and back to unity,” Jennifer Judelsohn, Songs of Creation.

And the  mystic poet Rumi inspired me to use the fire and water concept after I read The  Question.  Here is an excerpt:  

“The presence is there in front of me. A fire on the left, a lovely stream on the right.

One group walks toward the fire, into the fire. Another toward the sweet flowing water.

No one knows which are blessed and which are not.

Whoever walks into the fire appears suddenly in the stream. 

A head goes under water, and that head pokes out of the fire.”

LOGO ART: Cropped fire and water images from Free Images

LOTUS LOGO: In spiritual and religious literature, “the lotus is a symbol for the macrocosm and the microcosm, the universe and man. The lotus represents the divinity of the cosmos as well as the divinity of man. 

The lotus is the center of the infinite, omnipresent consciousness which connects with the consciousness of the universe. Through the intuition, one of man’s divine gifts, the spiritual student can see the infinite, omnipresent consciousness as the lotus flower within himself.” 

LOTUS ART: Courtesy 
Homestead, my website service provider. (Temporary art while I design of my own lotus logo.)

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“Heal Within,  Heal the World”

Syzygy: Crossing the Bridge to Self is a 3-D experience via a reality self-help website and memoir. These two vehicles enable me to introduce, explore, and experiment with tools and techniques, that if not coined, were embraced by Carl Gustav Jung. My hope is to make Jungian psychology universally accessible and useful to the millions who sense something missing or broken but who don’t know what it is or how to fix it. 

As an amateur Jungian, I will attempt to fully submit myself and document on this website what Jung termed “individuation,” that is, my process of Self-discovery, a process of becoming aware of, integrating, and balancing the desires of my conscious ego with the repressed characteristics in my unconscious shadow through self-reflection and self-analysis so that I may lift the mask of my persona and reveal my higher Self. 

Throughout this process, I will try (and surely fail at times) to diligently question, evaluate, and analyze my motives and actions. I will also strive (and also fail at times) to develop a better understanding of myself and others through the continuous and simultaneous use and documentation of the Jungian-related tools I introduce on this website—including my memoir, which is also a tool to help me become better acquainted with my true Self. 

Before discarding this physical body, I hope to bear witness to my personal psychic union of opposites—the syzygy—the Divine inner marriage of the masculine and feminine so that I might experience what it means to become whole, to live my authentic Self, to become conscious of my oneness with all organic and seemingly inorganic forms, to become conscious of my divine Nature, and to know that it is impossible to separate from it, as a wave cannot be separated from the ocean, nor the flame from the fire. 

A docudrama, Syzygy: Crossing the Bridge to Self began as a memoir, a kind of spiritual journey through a damaged psyche, based on truth but written in dramatic narrative. In search “for home, for mama, for truth, for something, I didn’t know what,” I wrote my memoir hoping in the process to end the war that waged within, to understand and heal my inexplicable anger with myself and others, and to understand and alleviate the feelings that something was wrong, something was missing, feelings that have haunted me my whole life. 

In January 2013, to hopefully help others with similar struggles, and to put feelers out there for potential publishers, I decided to create a website (maybe a dozen pages or so, like about the writerabout the journeyabout the coverthe preface and table of contents, etc.) as a marketing tool to promote my memoir. 

In the weeks that followed I had an explosion of synchronicities, ideas, connections, and 
Memoir, website on mission to heal the psyche
All of the symbols in this cover art stem from Jungian concepts. For example, “syzygy” is a term coined by Jung to represent the union of the feminine and masculine aspects of our psyches, which is also represented by the yin and yang lizards, which signify both the union of opposites and the potential for transformation.  

© 1955–2019 Syzygy: Crossing the Bridge to Self. All Rights Reserved.

other experiences that compelled me to build one page after another after another, culminating in the creation of nearly 50 web pages in a few months. It seems accurate to say that my website to promote my memoir  was hijacked for a higher cause. And much to my surprise—as if my website was building me instead of the other way around—I realized that in addition to writing and sharing my memoir, there were all sorts of ancient to modern-day tools and techniques and experts available that could help me—and help you, too, if you would like to plan a personal journey of your own—a journey I later learned was actually a process first described by Jung, that is, the process of individuation. 

By documenting my process of individuation on this website— which shows how astrology, alchemy, oracle cards, the I Ching, synchronicities, dream analysis, active imaginations, numerology, psychological types, psychoanalysis, and writing my memoir all contribute to my development—I hope you are inspired to begin your own journey toward authenticity, to find that something that you once knew, to mend your fragmented soul, to integrate the polar aspects of your psyche, to become whole, to know joy.

Ultimately, my mission is to increase awareness of the human psyche and inspire creative approaches to healing it, and thus promote the healing process of our collective psyche, and ultimately—as was Jung’s life-long objective—“to help men and women to know themselves, so that by self-knowledge and thoughtful self-use they could lead full, rich, and happy lives.”​ ♂ ♀