Venus, Isis, and Athena Need Good Homes
“Unfortunately, our Mom lost her job back in January, and we can't afford to live here anymore. She had really prayed hard and had hoped things would work out differently, but apparently God has someone else in our future. Two of Mom's brothers are coming to rescue her tomorrow, but their families are allergic, therefore we cannot go. However Mom had a dream that there were a hundred people giving us a standing ovation. So we think somebody out there wants to give us a good home. Please read all about us below. We hope to hear from you soon."

Venus, Isis, and Athena
[1] Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences
Part II: Alchemy and Its Phases—A Road Map for Individuals and Cultures

[2] Dr. Bernard S. Butler, Jungian Analyst

[3] Tarot card deck…

Named for the Roman goddess of love, I was born on February 10, 2004. Unlike most cats, when you love me and pet me, I love you and pet you back. (Careful, though, my nails need trimming often.) I am a clean, healthy cat. I like to watch TV and read. I will eat any dry food, but when it comes to wet food, I prefer Nine Lives tuna flaked, and do not even get me started on cat nip. I go crazy over the stuff. 

Also, if I start meowing at you, just get up and ask me to show you, then follow me. I will either take you to my empty cat food dish or the cupboard where you keep my treats (Whiskas Temptations, any flavor, please). Ask me, is this what you want, shake the bag of treats or pull out a can. If you get it right, I will rub up against your leg. If you are wrong, I will not acknowledge  your effort. I will just look at you. 

Sometimes, I just want to play or get my hair brushed. Sometimes, I just think it is past our bedtime, and I want to cuddle up with you and snooze. 

Also, my sister Isis and I do not look anything alike but we are from the same litter.  
We are very close and you can often find us huddled together.  
Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love, truly a lover girl.
Isis, named for the Egyptian goddess of magic, after a haircut, which she needs each spring. 
Athena, named for the Greek goddess of wisdom, truly an old soul.
Named for the Egyptian goddess of magic, I am a little more timid and fragile than my sisters. My nail length is great. I have never even scratched Mom by accident. But my hair is really long. It is actually very beautiful when it is long. It just gets matted in the spring. 

Like Venus, I am a clean, healthy cat, too. I mostly like getting brushed with a wire brush and getting my belly rubbed. 

I will eat any dry food, too, and I prefer Nine Lives tuna flaked. But I am more finicky than my sisters. Mom has yet to find a treat I like, but I will chow down on tuna and salmon, real or flavored. I love to eat plants, too, but they don't love me. Mom usually has to clean up my spit if I get my teeth into one.  

Sorry, I tend to whine now and then, but if you pet me or let me snuggle with you on the couch or let me sit in your lap, I am good to go. 

I am a little more skittish than my sisters, but I am up for a game of fishies if you are. 

Also, Venus and I do not look much alike, but Mom adopted us from the same family when we were kittens.  
Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom, I am an old soul (although Mom thinks I was born on or about July, 23, 2004). Just look deep into my blue eyes and you will see. 

Unlike my sisters, I will eat almost anything you put in front of me, and anything you don't--so watch your plate. I will sit and beg with the best of the big dogs. But I do know the meaning of NO, darn it! (BTW, I was quite the fat cat for a bit, but my vet helped me slim down.) 

You will think I have been declawed because my nails never come out, but true to my voracious appetite, I will nibble now and then if you put your fingers near my mouth. But I promise I will never hurt you. I not only love to eat, but I love to drink, and I am not afraid of water. Mom pushes back the shower curtain and lets me drink from the tub faucet. I usually climb right in for double duty, cause there is nothing like a good bath while I am it. 

I love attention as much as the next cat, but I am also pretty independent. My favorite thing is to play fishing with Mom. (She bought a kiddy pole from WalMart, and I will chase the fishies till I drop.) Isis likes to play too, but Venus, not so much. 

I was an orphan and a scavenger until I found Mom on the street one day. I jumped up on her leg. I had her at meow.  
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